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A meeting on the prospects for the development of the viticulture and wine-making industry

On August 2, in the village of Golubitskaya, Temryuk district, the governor of the Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, held a meeting on the prospects for the development of the viticulture and wine-making industry in the region. It was attended by vice-governors, heads of specialized enterprises, farmers.
One of the key speakers at the meeting was Igor Chemeris, Director General of Yuzhnaya AF. In his speech, he noted that the agricultural company today is one of the largest producers of grapes and occupies more than 19% of the Russian viticulture market.

Агрофирма «Южная» в текущем году заложит более 1 000 га виноградников

“The laying of vineyards is conducted annually. In 2017, we laid 900 hectares, in 2018 – 850 hectares, the plan for 2019 – 1028 hectares. Today, the area of ​​our vineyards occupies 8,639 hectares – this is more than 30% of all plantings in the Krasnodar Territory. Last year, the agricultural company invested 800 million rubles in viticulture, the capital expenditure plan for 2019 exceeds 1 billion rubles. Of course, financial support from the region is also needed, it will contribute to the further development of the industry, ”said Igor Yuzhnaya CEO, Igor Chemeris.

Currently, Yuzhnaya (which, like Kuban-Vino, is part of the Ariant wine group of companies) continues to raise the plantation for laying vineyards in 2020. It is planned to plant vineyards of the following varieties: Augustine, Aligote, Amur, Chardonnay, Incrochio Manzoni, Cabernet Cortis, Krasnostop Anapa, Chardonnay, Hamburg Muscat, Moldova, Pinot White, Pinot Gray, Riesling Rhine, Rkatsiteli, Sangiovese, Sibirkovy, Sauvignon.

“It is important for us that there are enterprises in the Kuban that can produce high-quality wine of various classes. We are ready to support those who are developing the production of wine from grapes grown in the Kuban. I’m sure you can squeeze imported products on the market, ”said Veniamin Kondratyev, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory.

The governor also added that this year the state support for the wine industry of the Temryuk region exceeded 340 million rubles. More than 80% of the grape harvest and half of all Kuban wine accounted for by the municipality. At the end of 2018, the Krasnodar Territory holds a leading position in viticulture and winemaking in Russia. Annually, the region supplies more than 3 million liters of wine products to various countries of the world. Recall that Kuban-Vino today exports wines to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Norway, and plans to open deliveries to a number of countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.