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What is the difference between American red and white wine lovers?

Most wine lovers in the US (72%) prefer to drink it at home. But they can sip a glass at various events (49%) and in bars (43%). These data were presented following a study by the agency OnePoll, which was attended by 2 thousand adult Americans. As it turned out, on average, they drink four glasses of wine a week. However, almost two thirds of the respondents (62%) after work or at dinner can refuse to drink because they do not want to open a new bottle.

The OnePoll survey also showed that there are some differences between lovers of red and white wine. So, the first are willing to spend on the bottle an average of $ 3 more – up to $ 40. They are also generally more inclined to call themselves wine fans: 45% vs. 31%. In addition, lovers of red better versed in wines. For example, they know how to properly hold a glass (73% versus 65%), what tannins are (53% versus 45%) and what time is needed for the wine to “breathe” (64% versus 54%).

It also turned out that the average red lover is more of an introvert and “lark” who listens to jazz and loves dogs more than cats. But among the lovers of white wines, there were more “owls” and fans of punk rock. Among their qualities, curiosity, sarcasm and perfectionism prevail. In turn, respondents who prefer red wines consider themselves adventurous, but modest and organized.