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Three main reasons why wine is in demand throughout the world

The company SurveyMonkey conducted a survey, it was attended by 528 adult men and women. The study helped to identify three main reasons why wine is in demand throughout the world.

Among the respondents, 7% said they drink wine often. 44% of respondents prefer several glasses a week, of which 51% are between the ages of 30-44 years old and 53-60 years old. Further, the experts identified the reasons for which wine is in demand in the world. The first of them recognize the health benefits, this was stated by at least two people out of every five respondents. 48% of respondents believe that the product is neither harmful nor useful. 73% of men and women believe that 2-3 glasses of wine per day is quite acceptable. Among the elderly, 82% of respondents think so. The second reason for the popularity is the availability of the drink. 58% of respondents are willing to pay 10-29 dollars per bottle, less than 14% of individuals can not afford to buy wine worth 10 dollars.

The third factor was the opportunity to improve the reputation of the drink. Respondents were asked to pick an adjective associated with wine, with 59% of people calling the word “relaxed”, 25% “sociable”, 18% “caring for their health”.

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