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Эстонцы снизили цены на алкоголь

Although Estonia has reduced the excise tax on alcoholic beverages, in Latvia border sellers do not yet feel a drop in demand, executive director of the Latvian Association of Alcohol Industry Davis Vitols wrote in an interview to Latvijas Radio, writes

After the excise tax was reduced, sales of alcohol in major Estonian retail chains increased by 20%, local media reported.

“We must bear in mind that in Estonia, perhaps in June, many people refused to buy alcohol, because they knew that it would be cheaper next month. Therefore, it is too early to draw conclusions about these 20%, ”Vitols says.

At the same time, the Latvian stores did not see any major changes. “According to my information, the volume of trade remains at the same level as last year. The fact that sales will decline, I think, is clear to everyone. However, most likely, they will remain at the level of 75% of the figures for 2018, ”Vitols suggests.

Recall Estonia for the sake of reducing tax losses from July 1, reduced the excise tax on alcohol. Earlier, as the survey showed, 35% of Estonians purchased alcohol in Latvia, and 14% went to Latvia only for this purpose.