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What kind of alcohol makes Georgia more money

The popularity of Georgian spirits – wine, chacha and brandy – is growing monthly in the world. For example, brandy exports, according to data for January-May 2019, grew by 60%, and chachi – by 61%.

Namely, since the beginning of the year Georgia has exported 216.5 thousand bottles of chacha in the amount of 572.2 thousand dollars.

During the same period, 10.7 million bottles of brandy worth $ 23 million were exported from Georgia.

As for wine, in the five months of 2019, 33.6 million bottles of wine were exported abroad, that is, 6% more than from January to May last year. Income amounted to 87 million dollars.

Georgia exported to Chacha in 19 countries of the world, brandy – at 17, and the famous Georgian wine – at 39.

Kindzmarauli semi-sweet red wine is the most popular Georgian wine abroad. Its exports in January-May 2019 exceeded 6 million bottles (0.75 liters).

Kindzmarauli wine is produced from Saperavi grapes that grow in the Kvareli district of the Kakheti region, where the land is particularly rich in natural mineral fertilizers brought by the Alazani and Duruji rivers from Caucasian highlands. The grapes are harvested in the first three weeks of September, when the fruits contain about 22% sugar. It provides the natural sweetness of this sort of wine.

The top five most popular Georgian wines also include Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Akhasheni and Khvanchkara.