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Viticulture has become the most profitable sector of agriculture in Russia

Grape growing turned out to be the most profitable business for the Russian agro-industrial complex under the food embargo, RBC reports, citing a Deloitte study.

Analysts studied the financial statements for the 400 largest companies in the Russian agro-industrial complex in 2018 and took into account the net profit and business profitability.

The yield of grape cultivation in 2014 was 7%, and in 2018 it was already 27% (in 2017 it was 36%). Since 2014, grape production has increased by 10% (627.7 thousand tons in 2018).

Anatoly Kutsenko, President of the National Fruit and Vegetable Union, said that table grape producers (who eat) may have high profitability compared to technical grapes (for wine). There is low competition in this sector, but there are restrictions on climatic conditions and the number of cultivated varieties.