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One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova JSC “AROMA” was founded in 1898. The Company is specialized on the distillation, production, bottling and distribution of strong drinks, predominantly on divin, a distinctly Moldavian product. Divin – represents the name of „cognac”- like beverages, produced in the Republic of Moldova in conformity with the classic technology of cognac production. The destiny of divin is closely linked to our country, since it is the favorable climate (microzone), the unique topography that allow the cultivation of those varieties of grapes needed to produce the most refined drink. The winemaking traditions of the Company are kept for more than 100 years. At the storage facilities of the Company there are wine distillates of more than 70 years old. The company’s portfolio now includes over 30 products, with new items added regularly. The most popular vintage divins produced at the enterprise are „Aroma 50” (50 yars old), „Aroma 45” (45 yars old), „Ambasador” (40 years old), „Dacia” (25 years old), „Basarabia” (15 years old), „Lucezarnii” (15 years old), „Chisinău” (10 years old), „Moldova” (7 years old). For more information about our products we suggest you look at the company’s web site – an excellent source of information on divins.

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