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About our company

Our company, Bojo-Vin SRL, produces alcoholic drinks, soft alcoholic drinks
and sparkling wines.
We are located in the Republic of Moldova, Vatra village.

In our distilleries, we have implemented systems for management and security of
our products SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 and SR ISO 22000, which guarantees high quality
for our customers.

We have 4 bottling lines, with a total production capacity of 7 million bottles a month.
As of today, our company has an assortment of 20 different products.
In the reserves of our technologists, there are more than 80 original recipes for production
of vodka, semi-alcoholic sparkling drinks based on a natural sparkling wine foundation.

Mission of Bojo-Vin company is to maintain a stable ranking on the
international market of alcoholic drinks.

One of our primary objectives is to obtain well-deserved appreciation
of the magnetic taste and impeccable quality of Bojo-Vin products.
We believe in and aspire to long lasting business relations, which are
based on common objectives.

Our marketing strategy is to become one of the most popular exported brands of
alcoholic drinks.

We promise to deliver excellence in every bottle, continually trespassing
expectations of our clients.

6, Miciurin street, Vatra village, Chisinau city, MD 2055, tel. +373 22 61 55 59