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Chateau Denovi

Dated in 1822, once the first German settlers arrived. Placed in the South of Moldova, with the sweet lines of the hills, burning sun and fresh breezes coming from the legendary Prut river, only 15 kilometers away from the domains, with rich, fertile, light, well drained and sun warmed chenozem, the 300 hectares of the property are a real Denovi jewel. Separated in small parcels, lightly flowing around the villages of Cneazevca, Tomai and Sărata Nouă, each of them is, to some extent, trated like a separate vineyard due to the age differences of the vineyards, grape variety, the type of soil etc. The mix of facets explains the extraordinary complexity of the Denovi wines.
Chateau Denovi Group is one of the leaders of the wine industry in the Republic of Moldova and one of the most important wine and distillate exporters. Its distribution network extends on four continents. The remarkable products by Chateau Denovi can be found on markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanian, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, US and Nigeria.
Chateau Denovi Group owns exceptional vineyards in Moldova
(circa 350 ha), has the latest technologies to produce high
quality wines and strives for excellence, as proved by the 50
distinctions at prestigious international competitions.

MD - 2004, Petru Movila str., 23/13, Chisinau, Republica Moldova, Phone: +373 22811-481, +373 22811-482