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Doina S.A.

The history of the company begins in 1913, when the first wine yard was created in the royal village of Romanovka (now Basarabeasca), which had at its disposal two primitive presses that were powered by horses. Unique climatic conditions of the steppe, part of this region, allowed the wine growers and winemakers to achieve significant success in the industrial processing of grapes. Today in Basarabeasca is a stable process of industrial production of high-quality wines based on modern equipment and technology.
Old historical traditions and craftsmanship of winemakers of our region, combined with the power of advanced technological equipment, give rise to magnificent wines that are awarded with prizes, diplomas and awards at many international exhibitions and tastings. Thanks to its quality, our wines have found their place in the markets of Belarus, Poland, Germany, USA, Slovenia, Romania, Israel, Latvia.

Abaclia village, Basarabeasca district, Republic of Moldova