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Euro Alco SRL

A winery of the famous company Shustov&Sons was set up in Chisinau in 1898. The winery has been still producing brand cognacs and wines. One of the successors of the Sustovs’ traditions is Euro-Alco SRL incorporated in 1994. The oldest in Europe building of the Sustov’s distillery still exists in the winery’s area as a historic and cultural artifact.
Initially Euro-Alco SRL was oriented exclusively to export of wine and wine materials and is known abroad with its high-quality alcoholic beverages. However in 2006 the so-called wine embargo threw the company that was one of the largest suppliers of alcoholic products to the Russian market far back. Although the company’s specialists withstood and managed to re-orient the company not only to other external markets but also to the domestic one. The main activity line now is production of divins.
One of the factors that guarantee stable high quality of the finished product is the Euro-Alco’s production capacities and available facilities covering the full production cycle. The vineyards in the southern and central zones of Moldova, primary winery, secondary winery, curing and ageing cellars, modern bottling and sealing lines. Total company’s storage and processing capacities make up 4 million liters.

Republica Moldova, Chisinau, str. Bucuriei 20