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Winery IMPERIAL VIN GROUP based in 1977 in village Plesheni, is situated in the south of the Republic Moldova in the micro district Tighetch forests. On recognition of the International Organizations of the Grapes and the Wine, the unique grape zone, where the enterprise is located, is comparable on the soil – climatic conditions to such glorified centers of global winemaking, as Bordeaux, Piedmont, Porto and Rioh. Today, at the enterprise, the full cycle of manufacture fault is carried out: from cultivation and processing of grapes, reception of high-quality materials and their storage before flood. The modern shop of reception and processing of the grapes, equipped with six Italian complex lines, is designed for 15000 tons of grapes during a season. The extensive park of fermentation technologies from food stainless steel allows to release in great volume high-quality red and white wines. By aspiring to provide high quality of the faults, the holding actively works above that all cycle of manufacture – “from a rod up to a glass” – was supervised by experts of the companies. IMPERIAL VIN GROUP is present in some twenty countries (Russia, USA, China, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Letonia, Estonia, Poland, Cehia, Slovakia, Spain, Belgian, Germany, Greece, France, Great Brittany, Romania). The export business is divided between Europe (75%), North America (2%), Asia and Oceania (10%) Middle East (13%). Furthermore, IMPERIAL VIN has a strong position in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Production: MD-7330, r-nul Cantemir, s. Pleseni. Office: MD-2001, Chisinau, str. Imail 81/1, bussines center "Panorama" . tel/fax:+373 22 999800., www.