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,,Stefan Voda”

„ȘTEFAN VODĂ” Protected Geographical Indication Wine Producers Association was founded on June 15, 2011 by the winemaking and viticulture companies that that operate in the targeted geographical area. Most of them already had a well-known name on both internal and international markets, thanks to old traditions and their activity during the years.

“ȘTEFAN VODĂ” Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) has been registered for protection at the national level since February 7, 2012 by our association and belongs to all its members. Since October 18, 2016 it is registered at the European level as well, being recognized by 28 EU states.

“ȘTEFAN VODĂ” Protected Geographical Indication is being assigned to wines produced in the targeted geographical area. The eligibility criteria for holding this PGI is that the steps of producing these wines, starting with grapes harvesting, their processing and transforming into wine, maturation, stocking and finishing with wine bottling, all of them taking place in the targeted geographical area.

The targeted geographical area of „ȘTEFAN VODĂ” includes Purcari, Căușeni and Cimișlia wine centers with their lands located in the following regions:

* Ștefan Vodă,

* Căușeni

* Cimișlia,

* Basarabeasca

One of the members of our association is the oldest winery of Moldova –

Purcari Winery was founded in 1827, currently being the most appreciated wine company from our country at international contests.

Numerous sunny days, limited precipitations, grape plantations across the Nistru river, the breeze of Black Sea, as well as the human factor – qualified workforce, formed during thousands of years of tradition, and the use of modern technology, all of them contribute to obtaining high quality grapes and generous and deep wines, with their complex aroma, yet elegant, reflecting the specific region and not leaving indifferent even the most demanding consumers.

„ȘTEFAN VODĂ” Protected Geographical Indication Wine Producers Association offers a wide range of white, rose, dry and semi-dry red still wines, both varietal and blended, that have brought fame to Moldova as a country with wine traditions far from its border

or. Căușeni



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