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Vinuri de Comrat

The company”Vinuri de Comrat” is situated in the South of Moldova in Comrat, the capital of autonomous territory of Gagauzia.
Gagauzia is located in Bugeac Steppe, the part of the Southern Moldovan hilly plain, which surface is covered with plains and gullies. Relief of Gagauzia consists of grasslands and small uplands.
Gagauzia is harvesting about 10% of moldovan grape, despite the fact that its territory occupies less than 5 % of country’s total area.
Comrat is the capital of Gagauzia. A village named Comrat appeared in the end of XVIII century on the river Jalpug during the period of Ottoman Rule. According to one of the legends its name consists of two words of Turkic origin – “comur-at”, which means “black horse”. Long time ago there took place horse-tradings, where the horse-racings were organized.
One day a black horse belonged to local turkish pasha won the racings. In honour of this victory the new village was called “Comur-at”. Later the name was transformed to Comrat. This is one of the versions.
Today Vinuri de Comrat is a modern processing complex for 4 thousands tones of closed-loop cycle,including production and processing of grape, production and bottling of dry, semi-sweet, desert, selected and vintage wine, production of wine spirit , using modern innovative technologies. 160 employees.
Geography of today’s export has been quite extensive including Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania,Estonia, Japan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine, Usbekistan
Our Porfolio lists more than 50 collections of wine.

R. Moldova, Comrat, Vinzavodscaia 1, +37360690871