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Most expensive bottle of vino

When you think of expensive wine you probably think of a French name you can’t pronounce. But it turns out the most expensive bottle of vino is actually from Hungary.

According to Fortune, Royal Tokaji, launched its 2008 vintage Essencia which goes for £30,000 a bottle. Yes, you heard that right. What makes this bottle so expensive you ask?

Basically, because it is an extremely rare tipple that requires a lot of work to produce in small batches. About 400 pounds of the Aszú grapes are needed to produce a magnum of the syrupy sweet wine, not to mention each grape is harvested by hand.

Only 18 bottles of this coveted wine will be sold and if you think no one in their right mind would buy this bottle, think again. London-based Farr Vintners’ website, that sells the expensive bottles of vino, says they have already sold out.