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How does alcohol affect sleep?

new important observation by the American sleep research Foundation 


Anyone who drinks alcohol “on occasion” knows that beer, wine or spirits often cause drowsiness. Moreover, a number of sociological surveys show that about 20% of people “pass a Cup” as a sleeping pill from time to time. Alcohol really helps you fall asleep faster — but what about the quality of such rest? What happens behind closed eyes when you go to bed after a glass of wine.

How alcohol affects sleep? (photo 1)

sleep cycles Failed

Alcohol consumption before bedtime is associated with slower sleep waves, the so-called Delta activity. It is a kind of deep sleep that allows you to shape memory and learn. All anything, but at the same time, under alcohol also alpha activity of a brain which interferes with quiet rest doesn’t disconnect. In other words, your head is not resting.


circadian rhythm Disturbance

How alcohol affects sleep? (photo 5)

Although you can fall asleep quickly after drinking alcohol, it is likely to Wake up in the middle of the night. One explanation is that alcohol causes the rapid accumulation of the chemical element adenosine in the brain, which initially causes drowsiness, but his charms are scattered before you really have time to relax.

may exacerbate breathing problems

Alcohol relaxes the whole body, including the muscles of the throat. And it makes you prone to snoring and apnea.