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An unusual green beauty from wine bottles.

There are many true connoisseurs of a glass of good wine at dinner, but where to put empty bottles? In the trash can – it is commonplace. Show creativity and resourcefulness, and for one take part in nature conservation! Let your home decorate an unusual green beauty from wine bottles.

Новогодние елки из винных бутылок

Сhristmas trees from bottles At first glance, we fell in love with the idea of ​​a Christmas tree of wine bottles, it remains only to collect the right amount before the holidays, remove the labels and build a frame.

Next few minutes, a couple of garlands and a designer tree – ready! This idea is likely to inspire owners of wine restaurants and even pubs. From empty beer bottles, the Christmas tree is no less spectacular. How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands. We present several photos of Christmas trees, tips and descriptions for them.



Use green bottles to make your tree look more traditional!


We never planned to celebrate New Year at the winery – the time has come to make the dream a reality!

Well, if this beauty does not convince you to make a Christmas tree of wine bottles, we do not know what will happen. But New Year and Christmas are sure everyone will be bright, creative and cheerful!