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Mulled wine can be considered an ideal Christmas drink

Mulled wine can be considered an ideal Christmas drink: after all, it is not only great for the winter season, but also capable of creating a special “magic” atmosphere with its bright aroma.

Sergey Popov, a wine expert, a member of the Moscow and Russian sommelier, told Roscontrol how to properly prepare real mulled wine.

Mulled Wine Based
Classic mulled wine is prepared on the basis of wine. Preference should be given to red dry young wine of the middle price category with an alcohol content of 12–13%, the sommelier advises.

Как приготовить рождественский глинтвейн для всей семьиAlthough, if desired, you can cook mulled wine on the basis of white wine, but in this case, its taste will be more sour.

In addition, for the preparation of the drink you need to buy fruits – orange and apple, as well as seasonings – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black peppercorns. Also among the spices may include ginger, cardamom, anise – a bouquet can be selected, guided by personal preferences. Sugar or honey is added as desired.

The wine is poured into enameled dishes and heated to 70 – 80 degrees C, then added spices and chopped fruit. One liter of wine is enough to have one stick of cinnamon, six clove inflorescences, a couple of peas of pepper, a pinch of nutmeg.

In no case can a drink be brought to a boil, since in this case the taste and structure of the drink will be broken! Stir the drink is recommended wooden spoon.

Remove the hot drink from the stove, if you wish – add honey or sugar, close tightly and leave for 15 minutes. Strain before serving.