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How to choose a good wine for the New year

Experts believe that even for a small amount in Russian stores you can find not the worst drink.

Photo: flickr/John Twohig
Experts of “Roskoshestvo” gave recommendations on the choice of sparkling wine for the New year, told how champagne differs from a wine drink and whether it is possible to buy a good wine for 300 rubles.

In recent years, the share of so-called “sparkling wine drinks”has increased in the Russian market. Experts urge not to confuse them with wine and look carefully at the label. If the designation “sparkling wine” or “Russian champagne” is not, it is most likely the same wine drink.

— They usually have beautiful” foreign ” names that resemble Italian wine brands. Same shape bottle, with beautiful colored foil and tube with wire-muzzle. Can smell anything — from peach to strawberry. Only classic sparkling wine they have a very distant relationship, — says Ilya Loev, Deputy head of the “Rockafella”.

This bottle can contain up to 50% of the wine material, the rest-water, flavors and colors, and the “fermentation method” — artificial soda. Experts believe the value of such a drink is questionable even at its low cost (from 150 rubles).

At the same time “Rascacielo” they say that for a small price — 200-300 roubles in Russian stores you can find not the worst either (already present!) wine. In order not to make a mistake, in this price category is to choose wines from Russian grapes and wines of large producers, with large areas of its own vineyards.

If we talk about more expensive drinks, their labels may indicate “collection”. This means that they are made by the classical method and aged in the bottle for at least two years. If the wine is aged for at least six months in a container-akratofore or at least nine months in the bottle — on its label will indicate “seasoned”.

Also, experts have found that more sweet wines are no less qualitative than dry ones, as they think. Russian producers should pay attention to semi-dry and semi-sweet wines from Muscat grapes.