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Snezhana Zachepa: I’ll tell you how to choose a good inexpensive wine in a restaurant

Снежана Зачепа:Coming to a restaurant, many are confused, not knowing which wine to choose. The waiter’s advice is not always efficient, as often staff only recommends the most expensive drinks.

Recommendations on how to choose a drink in the restaurant, on air radio station Sputnik Moldova gave an expert in winemaking Snezhana Zachepa.

“Wine should be chosen for the dish, white or rosé wine for white meat, and red for red, respectively.You can, of course, ask what the staff will recommend.Now our citizens have the opportunity to go to wineries, taste wine and learn about it from specialists” , – noted the interlocutor.

Snezhana Zachepa also talked about whether it is possible to mix different types of wines.

“Try different kinds of wine in the restaurant, they can be mixed, but necessarily from white to red, from younger to more mature.” The main thing is to go back to white, not having to go back to white, “Zachepa concluded.