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The wine must be given contact with oxygen

Valentin Chinenov, BB Cafe restaurant sommelier:

– The wine must be given contact with oxygen, without this the aroma and taste of the wine cannot be revealed. While the wine is stored, it is in the closed space of the bottle, does not have contact with oxygen. A vacuum is created inside the bottle. And oxygen needs wine to reveal its taste and aromatic properties.

The process of wine oxygenation is called aeration. Usually aeration is used for aged wines that have stood in the bottle for more than 5 years, but less old wines also like to stand in a glass, to breathe. It is useful for many wines.

There is aeration like this: the contents of the bottle are poured into a glass decanter designed to drain and serve the wine, it is called a decanter. Smooth circular movements stir the wine with the air. After that, the drink can be allowed to stand for about 15 minutes.

A simpler way for home use or if there is no decanter: just pour the wine into a glass, rotate the glass in your hand so that the wine is saturated with air, and leave it for a while. You can try the wine immediately after being poured into a glass, and after 10 minutes you will be surprised how much the taste and aroma has changed.