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Mulled wine patrol

Spring, confidently entering into its rights, dictates its rules not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of the choice of drinks. Just a little bit more, and mulled wine with grog will give way to mojito and aperol-syringe. So, it’s time to finish our mulled wine patrol. Of course, we did not have time to explore all the places where they pour hot wine in mugs and smell of spices. But I want to believe that we have outlined an approximate map of such institutions for our readers. In the meantime, we leave the last watch – on the street. Rubinstein.

Strangely enough, on the most restaurant street of the city with mulled wine tension. So let’s start from the place where he definitely is – the next restaurant from the “Happiness” chain, located in Tolstoy’s house. At the end of November, we already visited Happiness on St. Isaac’s. On the Rubinstein menu is about the same. Classic mulled wine on red wine, the author’s options more expensive. On average, the city is a little expensive, normal for Rubinstein.

There is a glass of hot wine in another network establishment – in Mollie’s pub on Rubinstein, 36. Here, of course, specialization in beer, but here they are, on one of the last pages of the menu: classic mulled wine, ginger grog, apple punch and even whiskey with hot cherry juice. All cost the same, and only a cocktail of hot apple juice with gin “Koskue” is much more expensive. This is probably the most expensive hot alcohol for the whole time of our “mulled wine patrol”.

Meat coin
Although not. In the restaurant Meat coin on Rubinstein, 4, there is mulled wine and more expensive. Here hot red wine with spiced rum is poured in portions of 350 grams. There is a similar volume of Turkish grog made from well-brewed black tea and rum, and the hot Winter Cherry cocktail made from South African liqueur Amarula, Jägermeister and cherry juice will cost the price we count as an absolute record. Even for Rubinstein.

This is where we will put an end, completing our route, which was laid through the St. Petersburg center for several months. A detailed map of it is available in the special restaurant edition of Delovoy Peterburg.

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