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The 17th edition of the Wine Varnish comes back with many surprising innovations

The 17th edition of the Wine Varnish comes back with many surprising innovations, quality wines and an effervescent atmosphere. Held in the middle of winter, the legendary event is dedicated to the sparkling wines and the chosen wines, the quality wines, which have been awarded at the most important international competitions. Wine friends, enthusiasts and connoisseurs will have the opportunity to enjoy the over 300 sparkling wines, white, rosé and red, but also divine wines produced by the more than 50 winemakers gathered under the unique country brand “Moldovan wine. A living legend. ”

The sparkling wines and the divine wines will have a place of honor at the 17th edition. In the heart of the event will be arranged two dedicated thematic areas, and under the guidance of certified sommeliers and winemakers, interested visitors will be able to learn more about the wines produced in the 4 regions with Protected Geographical Indication. And experts from the National Office of Vine and Wine will hold comparative tastings of wines made from indigenous varieties.

With the generic “Winter pearls dance”, the XVII edition of the Wine Varnish will take place on December 13, starting at 18:00, in the Palace of the Republic. Wine Opening is a bi-annual event, starting with 2011, and over the years it has confirmed its status as a communication platform between winemakers and consumers, but also a launching pad for new wine products.

The 17th edition is organized by the National Office of Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment, the associations of producers of wine products with PGI “Codru”, “Traian Valley”, “Stefan Voda”, “Divin “.

About the National Office of Vine and Wine

The ONVV contributes to the regulation and development of the domain, serving as a platform for the common action of all those involved in increasing the competitiveness of the wine products, enhancing the authenticity and consumer orientation. Among its basic objectives are the diversification of the retail markets and the promotion of Moldovan wines through the national program and the national wine brand „Moldova’s Wine. A living legend. “