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Гид по винному фестивалю Gorizont 3.0: лекции, мастер-классы и дегустации

At the Trekhgorny manufactory on November 19, for the third time, the Gorizont 3.0 natural wine festival will take place, the participants of which will be winemakers from different countries working in this style. Poster Daily wine expert Anton Obrezchikov tells in detail who and what should be paid attention to – both in the afternoon program and in the evening.

It would seem that the first “Horizon” was held recently, but a whole era has flashed over these two or three years. The main thing that has changed is the attitude towards natural wine, which has ceased to be exotic and has turned into a stably demanded niche product. The festival, meanwhile, is growing and maturing.

The program, like last year, consists of two parts: daytime and evening. During the day, winemakers, as well as sommeliers and restaurateurs loyal to the title topic, will discuss what is happening today in the world of natural (and also partly biodynamic and organic, for the first is often difficult to separate from the second and third) wines, and in a wide variety of ways – starting with how to stabilize wines, without using sulfur dioxide, traditional for this, and ending with how then to sell all this. The evening tasting will feature more than 200 wines and 40 winemakers from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Slovenia. All farms will be divided into zones, depending on the style of winemakers. In the rubric “Orthodox” will be presented the inveterate biodynamists, in the “New Generation” section – the heirs of old wine houses, converted to natural faith, “Modern” – pioneers of territories and technologies, “Tradition” – classical winemaking with healthy and environmental showers.