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GoodWine 2019 starts on November 22 at Romexpo and stays until November 24









Autumn is the event related to wines, and the most prestigious and certainly good function. GoodWine 2019 starts on November 22 at Romexpo and stays until November 24. They are located in the B1 Pavilion at Romexpo and will include free tastings for one hundred wines from the top wineries in Romania. There will also be a dining area. Details we have below.

GoodWine 2019 is designed for experiences in the wine industry, and for the general public. There will also be an educational section, the main platform of the Academy of Good Wines, whose care includes an introductory module for the most passionate of wines. The wine fair has reached the 24th edition and the 23rd edition, it may have a social area, the Social Zone. Includes live music, lounge and recreational activities.

Now with the 24th edition of GoodWine’s debut and friends, a care community can offer the specialists in the wine and wine industry and all the people who care about oenology. There is also a TechLounge, which cannot be held in presentations on topics such as marketing and communication, with an emphasis on social networks, new media, technology and climate change agricultural challenges. Returning to all the main events, scheduled for the public on Friday, November 22 at 4:00 pm and stays until 8:00 pm.

The organizers have better prepared a mixology bar with sparkling wines, a library of sparkling wines, and the part of the food court we will make burgers, taco, pulled pork, Romanian and French prepared. I was also expecting desserts, cheeses, dishes with sausages, olives and ham, ideal for tasting wine works.

On Saturday everything is 11:00 and remains until 20:00, and Sunday the same ore. A standard ticket costs 35 lei for Friday, 49 lei on Saturday or Sunday, and the subscription for the 3 days is 99 lei. Amounts include access to the exhibition area, food court, social area and free tastings.