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The organizers of the WineWin Forum invite all industry professionals to participate!

According to the organizers, the main purpose is to make WineWin one of the most useful events in this field of ​​interest. Therefore, all speakers have a rigorous selection.

winewin винный форум

What will be at Forum:

1. Profile reports for a narrow target audience – sellers and wine producers
2. Speeches in an open format that involves time to communicate with the speaker and the possibility to discuss issues with colleagues
3. Presentations containing new cases and relevant information.

What will NOT be:
1. Promotional speeches
2. Reports from corporations with an advertising budget of hundreds of millions of euros, which the ordinary business has never seen
3. Speaking about some common truths Participation in the forum takes place only with prior registration.

Given the site and the format, the number of seats is limited. The entrance ticket costs 30 euros and, believe us, it is worth it! All preliminary information about speakers and topics can be found on the site. You can also register there For the participants in the exhibition “ExpoVin Moldova” and the EAWSC tasting contest – we offer 3 tickets for participation in the Forum – Free!