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Project CRUSH & PRESS 2010

Ampelos (wine producer) and Poliproject Exhibitions LTD (organizer) have the honor to invite your company to participate in a unique project CRUSH & PRESS 2012.

The first companies participating in the CRUSH & PRESS 2010 project were MOLDCELL and Justar. In 2012, they were joined by “Aeroportul International Chisinau”, “Moldexpo” S.A. and “National Institute of Standardization and Metrology”.

If you prefer unconventional interesting projects, realize the importance of corporate culture and teamwork, use effective PR tools, are a connoisseur of good wine, then our offer is for you!

We offer you a little to get involved in the profession of winemakers – YOUR HANDS MAKE YOUR OWN WINE, of exceptional quality and bright individuality. Together with you, in the period from October 2012 to May 2013, the Lukyanov family will work – the two brothers of the new generation of winemakers, who created the wine under the brand Et Cetera.

The production process is the best way to unite a team into a team of like-minded people, create corporate values, and set traditions. You will go through the complete process of wine production: from grape harvesting to bottling and labeling. Participation in the present production process, focused on getting the final product, will allow you to better unite the team and form a worthy tradition of your company.

Result: Wine is the best gift for partners, friends, colleagues and loved ones. You will gain practical experience in winemaking at a modern winery. You will receive your barrel of wine (from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Blend varieties – at your choice), which will eventually be poured into 300 bottles of an exclusive product under YOUR MARK. You can create your own personalized label – the perfect expression of your unique history and image of the company.

This project will be announced in the media as the promotion of wine consumption in the local market. Companies that participated in the CRUSH & PRESS project will also receive an additional communication channel for positioning their image. This offer is limited – only 10 project participants per season, that is – the largest leading companies from various market segments.


The cost of the product CRUSH & PRESS (1 barrel – a maximum of 10-12 people) is 4000 Euro. This price includes absolutely all costs associated with this project (the cost of raw materials, packaging, label production, related services, component materials and French barik, organization of meals and coffee breaks at the plant during mandatory visits and wine tastings.) We offer a phased payment for this project: 50% by September 15, 2012, 50% by April 30, 2013.

We will be happy to answer additional questions about this project during a personal meeting at any time convenient for you. You can contact us by phone. + 373 22 222 070 or e-mail:
Project Manager Pavel Sidorenko (+373) 060 230 013 or 079 230 013.