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Chisinau to host III World Conference on Wine Tourism

Кишинев Всемирная конференция по винному туризму

The event, organized in Moldova, is aimed at promoting wine tourism, including with the participation of domestic companies from the wine sector and the sphere of inbound tourism. It is planned that the organization of the World Conference on Wine Tourism in Moldova will positively affect the economy, will allow us to include our country in top tourist destinations, including in the world wine routes, increase the flow of foreign tourists, create conditions for attracting foreign investment in the industry, creating a new, more attractive image of the country.

Within the framework of the Third World Conference on Wine Tourism in Moldova, events will be organized to promote wine tourism: innovations and achievements of the industry are presented, various seminars, excursions are organized, experience exchange will take place, etc.

The event will be attended by high-ranking representatives from the tourism industry from the countries of the European Union, CIS and other countries, professionals in this field, representatives of all winemaking countries of the world.

As noted in the Ministry of Economic Infrastructure, Moldova has a rich potential for the development of a viable tourism sector that could generate large incomes, job opportunities, and other economic and social benefits.

Currently, about 20 wineries of Moldova provide tourist services to foreign visitors, organize various cultural events every year.

Stepanov Georgiy