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Beregovo Wine Festival

Берегово приглашает ценителей солнечного напитка на 16-й фестиваль "Белое вино"Beregovo Wine Festival invites gourmets and lovers of the solar drink. March 8-10, he opens the spring gastronomic season in Transcarpathia.
This year, it will be the 16th international wine festival. Beregovshchina is the land of dry white wine, therefore the festival is called “White wine”.
In the festival program in Beregovo, of course, wine tasting. In addition, lovers and connoisseurs of the solar drink also go for the opportunity to interact with the winemakers of Transcarpathia, learn about new products, hear interesting legends, enjoy unique varieties, original recipes and blends of wines.
The highlight of the wine festival in Beregovo is the festive procession of the knights of the wine order of St. Wenzel and the dedication of new members.
40 best wine-makers from Beregivshchyna, as well as guests from other regions are expected to participate in the festival. Winemakers from Hungary and Slovakia are expected. Each of them has in its collection 1-2 original varieties, which is their pride.
For those who do not consume wine, other products will be offered, in particular cheese, meat delicacies, grape juice, cheese, cheese.
The venue of the wine festival will be the city center Beregovo, March 8-10, 2019
In Transcarpathia, several wine festivals are held throughout the year. This wine festival is included in the list of Recommended Wine Festivals of Transcarpathia, which represent the best traditions of the region’s viticulture and winemaking.

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