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Winemakers have announced an All-Estonian home-made wine contest.

Виноделы объявили всеэстонский конкурс домашнего винаThe Union of Small Brewers and the company Veinivilla have announced the ninth competition for homemade wine and cider. The biggest competition in Estonia, dedicated to amateur winemakers, expects the participation of wine and cider from both the previous year and the earlier bottling.

According to a member of the Board of the Union of Small Brewers of Estonia and the initiator of the competition for the best homemade wine Tiina Kuuler, for making a successful wine that can bring victory, something exotic is not needed – previous winning drinks were made from our Estonian fruits and berries. ”Among Estonian domestic winemakers, of course, apples are the favorite raw material, followed by currants of all colors and gooseberries, in third place is rhubarb, whose popularity is in some sense a surprise and only after them is unusual raw materials. Thus, everybody has a lot of opportunities for victory, ”explained Cooler and added that in three cases apples won in two years, cherry in two years, black chokeberry in two years, and green currant in one year.

”To participate in the competition of wine is most important desire and determination. The aim of the competition, which presents a diligently made wine, is to improve Estonian wine culture and to remind you that there is a worthy alternative to foreign grape wines and ciders, ”added Cooler.