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The WineMark, the first international conference in Romania dedicated to wine

The WineMark, the first international conference in Romania dedicated to those who want to discover the remarkable achievements of professionals and those with experience in marketing, communication and education in the wine industry .

Media partner of the WineMark conference is Kanal D Romania.

It is the event where you can learn from experienced people, innovative marketing techniques, PR and sales applicable to the wine industry, where you can meet and interact with local and international experts, as well as representatives of producers and wine cellars in Romania and Moldova.

Among the speakers who will be present at the conference are Dan Balan (Davino), Adam Teeter (VinePair), Miron Radic (Lilac Wine), Aurelia Visinescu (Sahatian Regions), Steve Raye (Bevology), Ioana Ardelean (JIDVEI), Margaret Nolan (Denomination), Giles Darwin (Denomination) and many others, both outside of Romania and Romania.

WineMark will be divided into three areas, a conference area where you can get information from professionals and speakers through presentations that will be short but comprehensive and full of essential information, the wine tasting area and the socializing area where you can interact directly with event participants, and the day will end with a cocktail organized in the TNB Area, located in Enache’s former Laptop.

The WineMark Conference will bring to the fore both the experience and knowledge of international experts as well as the expertise of the wine industry professionals in Romania, who will hold sessions in which they will present case studies and solutions for various problems encountered during the career.

WineMark: an innovative project, predominantly business-to-business, but also addressing consumers and wine enthusiasts, more than the needs of talented and dedicated people from a highly competitive Romanian industry.