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Jury of the contest “CHISINAU WINES&SPIRITS CONTEST’2013”
subdivided on Commissions


Gheorghe Arpentin, President of Union of Oenologists from RM
Marina Tiron, General Director Poliproject Exhibitions S.R.L.
Grigore Cernomaz, jurist of contest
1 Valeriu COTEA, Chairman of the Committee of Oenology at OIV, Professor, President of Patronage of the Vine and Wine from Romania, delegate O.I.V. Romania
2 John SALVI, MW, President of Wine and Spirit Association of Great Britain,  member of the Int’l Academy of Wine and of the Academie du Vin de Bordeaux Great Britain
3 Vanda BOTNARI, judge-taster for drinks, distilled beverages and wines, production director  “Kubani-Vino” Ltd. Russia
4 Maurizio AGUGLIA, expert on wines, sommelier (III level certificate of the Italian Sommelier Association, wine blogger and author Italy
5 Brigitte LELOUP, Vice-President of European Sommelier Association, oenologist, Master Sommelier France
6 Bertrand GIRAUDET, judge-taster in spirits France
7 Francine DION, tehnical director Selections Mondiales des vins,chemist, Member of the Association of Oenologists of Canada Canada
8 Murman KURIDZE, Doctor of technical sciences, director of the Institute of horticulture, viticulture and winemaking in Georgia Georgia
9 Lubos BARTA, MBA, expert on wines, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine’s Sommelier, canchelar of Business Institute Prague, head of MBA studies Czech Republic
10 Vladimir STRIEZENEC, judge-taster for wines production, director “Vinarske Zavody Topolcianky” Ltd. Slovakia
11 Carine ALEKSANYAN, Deputy Chief of the Department of alcoholic beverages, wine-making production at the scientifical-practic Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Belarus
12 Tariel PANAHOV, oenologist,Director at  Research Institute of Viticulture and Wine-making from Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
13 Michael BARDEL, Dr. of science,oenologist, expert on wines, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine’s Czas Wina Poland
14 Attila GEONCZEOL, oenologist Primas Pince – Wine Cultural and Tourist Centre Hungary
15 Valeria SUVERTOK, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine’s Drinks + Ukraine
16 Arina ANTOCE, oenologist, Professor Romania
17 Maria RUDENCO, oenologist “Vinaria din Vale & Co” S.A. Moldova
18 Nicalae TARAN, Deputy Director on Science of the Institute of horticulture and Food Technologies, Doctor, Professor, Senior Vice President UOEM Moldova
19 Constantin OLARU, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, scientific coordinator, General Director “Vismos” S.A. Moldova
20 Boris GAINA, Academician, Industrial Sciences Section at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Doctor, Professor-researcher, Main researcher at the scientific practical Institute in horticulture and Food Technologies Moldova
21 Ion PRIDA, Director ITS “Oenoconsulting”, Dr of Technical Sciences, President of the Association of Wine of the PGI “Codru”, Member of the Board of administration of UOEM Moldova
22 Ludmila NETREBA, consultant “Mold Nord” S.A. , doctor of technical sciences, engineer technologist winemaker Moldova
23 Sergiu BABII, Deputy Director technology and Production “Barza Alba” S.A. Moldova
24 Elizaveta BREAHNA, Deputy Director “Fautor” S.R.L., Secretary at Union of Oenologists from Moldova Moldova
25 Arcadie FOSHNEA, oenologist “Chateau Vartely” S.R.L. Moldova
26 Galina DIAUR, Dr. of technical sciences, oenologist, Deputy Director on Science and technology “Suvorov-Vin” S.R.L. Moldova
27 Vasile LUCA, engineer technologist “Cricova “ Moldova
28 Nadejda MARDARI, oenologist “Lion Gri” S.R.L. Moldova
29 Dora GOGAN, oenologist “DK Intertrade” S.R.L. Moldova
30 Galina POLZICOVA, Deputy Director on quality “Kvint” S.A. Moldova