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Gheorghe ARPENTIN, President of Union of Oenologists from RM
Marina TIRON, General Director Poliproject Exhibitions S.R.L.
Grigore CERNOMAZ, jurist of contest

1. Mario DE LA FUENTE, Head of the Viticulture Unit at International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), expert commissioner OIV France
2. Valeriu COTEA, Chairman of the Committee of Oenology at OIV, Professor, President of  Patronage of the Vine and Wine from Romania Romania
3. Dmitry TKACHENKO, Deputy Chairman of the production at “Odessa Sparkling Wine Factory”, Researcher at the Department of winemaking NRC “IVW V.E.Tairov” Ukraine
4. Tariel PANAHOV, oenologist, Director at  Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking from Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
5. Elbrus AHMEDOV, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief winemaker Azerbaijan
6. Philippe THIBAUD, oenologist, judge-taster in spirits Armenia
7. Murman KURIDZE, Dr. of technical sciences, President of Union of Oenologists of Georgia Georgia
8. Miroslav MAJERPresident of the Association of Wine merchants, owner of Davinus s.r.o. Czech Republic
9. Jozsef KOSARKADr., Wine Writer, Member of the Hungarian wine Academy and Hungarian Sommelier Association Hungary
10. Corinne GAUDRON VAN BEEK, wine expert,  sommelier, wine distributor Netherlands
11. Brigitte LELOUPVice-President of European Sommelier Association, oenologist, Master Sommelier France
12. Georg BINDERoenologist, Head of the Department of viticulture and oenology Rheinland Pfalz Germany
13. Javier CARMONAProfessor for hospitality and sommelerie, University Institute of Tourism Research, University Alicante Spain
14. Marin BEROVICProfessor of Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, University of Ljubljana Slovenia
15. Vladimir STRIEZENEC, wine expert, winemaker Slovakia
16. Vanda BOTNARI, judge-taster for drinks, distilled beverages and wines, production director  “Kubani-Vino” Ltd Russia
17. Ekaterina GARGOVAwine expert, chief winemaker at VV Popova Kula AD Bulgaria
18. Dmitry ZENENKO, Chief Technologist COOO “Belvingrup” Belarus
19. Boris GĂINĂ, Academician, Industrial Sciences Section at the Academy of Sciences of , Doctor, Professor-researcher, Main researcher at the scientific practical Institute in  horticulture and Food Technologies Moldova
20. Constantin OLARU, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, scientific coordinator, General Director “Vismos” S.A. Moldova
21. Ion PRIDA, Director ITS “Oenoconsulting”, Dr. of Technical Sciences, President of the Association of Wine of the PGI “Codru”, Member of the Board of administration of UOEM Moldova
22. Elizaveta BREAHNĂ, expert winemaker NOWV, Secretary at Union of Oenologists from Moldova
23. Mariana BIRICEVSKI, laboratory chief IM “Vismos” S.A. Moldova
24. Nadejda MARDARI, director of production “Lion Gri” S.R.L. Moldova
25. Sergiu BABII, deputy director of technology and production “Barza Alba” S.A. Moldova
26. Dora GOGAN, oenologist “DK Intertrade” S.R.L. Moldova
27. Vitalie PRONOZA, engineer technologist “Mold-Nord” S.A. Moldova
28. Aurelia NANI, chief technologist at “Lion Gri” S.R.L. Moldova
29. Galina POLZICOVA, deputy Director on quality “Kvint” S.A. Moldova
30. Alexandru CARAMAN, director of production “Vinaria Zimbreni” S.R.L. Moldova
31. Vitalie IOVU, technologist at “Vinaria Bardar” S.A. Moldova
32. Ion GRAUR, chief technologist at “Călăraşi Divin” S.A. Moldova
33. Arcadie FOSNEA, executive director oenologist “Chateau Vartely” S.R.L. Moldova
34. Ion LUCA, President of the Association of Small wine producers from Moldova
35. Galina DIAUR, Dr. of technical sciences, oenologist, Deputy Director “Suvorov-Vin” S.R.L. Moldova
36. Inga MANUILENCO, technologist “Suvorov-Vin” S.R.L. Moldova
37. Diana ROTARI, wine expert NOWV Moldova
38. Alexandra PEROVA, production director “Zernoff” S.R.L. Moldova