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Results of the Festival “National Wine Day 2004”

Within 2 days, October 9 and 10, Chisinau residents and guests of the capital had the opportunity to appreciate the wine world of the republic, contemplating the real Moldovan autumn – with the sun and clouds, but above all, with fun, songs, humor, national games, etc. But autumn Moldova cannot be imagined without the young, sparkling wine of the new crop – the pride of the native land. “Moldova’s wine-making and viticulture have long deserved a separate holiday,” according to the director of Invincom, Valery Triboi. “Representatives of almost all specialties celebrate their professional holiday once a year. It would be unfair to forget about such a profession, thanks to which Moldova entered the world arena.”

Desired became reality: in 2002 The National Wine Day was approved. The holiday brings together representatives of the industry, where direct dialogue with the consumer takes place directly, supply and demand are matched, labor results for the year are exposed, new products are tested, development prospects are discussed and simply, there is communication between winemakers. This year the event gathered 304 participants: wine-making enterprises, wine-growers of the republic, wine-makers from the private sector, scientific institutions of the industry, art and folklore groups, theaters of satire and humor, creative centers, craftsmen, sportsmen, travel agencies, catering enterprises, etc.

The edge-specific attributes and design in general gave the Holiday a bright national hue: barrels, wine presses, carts, huts, Krams, peasant yards, Kasa mare and even fortresses allowed to plunge into the history of the country and the industry. The parade of winemakers and winegrowers, which began on the Great National Assembly Square, resembled wedding processions (with horsemen, bridegroom and bride), successfully combining a variety of symbols: Moldovan princes, queens, mythical characters – the god of wine Dionysus, doves of the world, and others. the general presentation of the participants suggests that the Wine Festival is the Brazilian carnival for Moldovans, as many guests have christened it.

The culmination of the holiday was the presentation of the President of the Republic of Moldova to the Marelui Premiu in the framework of the opening of the Holiday, in which the top leadership of the republic participated. The 2004 laureate was IM “Lion-Gri” SRL “for special merits in creating high-quality products and promoting the image of Moldovan wines on foreign markets.”

The King of the Holiday – wine – was the subject of all the events taking place within the framework of the Festival. The organizers held a series of thematic competitions throughout the year, the winners of which were named during the Celebration.

Results of the competitions:

National competition “The best presentation in the framework of the Feast of Wine”
Organizer: Republican Commission on the organization and conduct of the Wine Festival

Winners in nominations:

“The best presentation within the framework of the Feast of Wine” – Combine quality wines “Milestii-Mici” SA;
“The most original design of the participants of the Parade of wine-makers” – IM “Vinaria Purcari” SRL;
“The most original design of the festive platform of the enterprise” – “Euro Alco” SA;
“The best presentation of the company – activities on the festive venue” – “Migdal-P” SA.

Competition “Golden Barrel 2004”
Organizer: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova

Winners in nominations:

“Young wine from technical varieties” –
the white wine category — Alexandra Provotorova (Moskovy, p. Cahul);
category “red wine” – Jacob Mogorianu (Chisinau);
“Young wine from hybrid varieties” –
the category “red wine” – Mikhail Gasper (p. Furchen, r. Orhei);
“Homemade wine of past years, aged over one year” –
white wine category – Valery Herman (Orhei),
category “red wine” – Ilya Hioare (Vulcanesti).
A special prize was awarded to George Kondrya (Ialoveni) for the wine “Aromele campiei” (“Aromas of the Fields”).
Competition “Achievements in the conduct of wine tourism programs”
Organizer: Department of Tourism Development of the Republic of Moldova

Winners: “Aerotur Moldova”, “Moldova Tur”, “Solomon Tur”, “Ol & Di” and “Vivotur”.

In the framework of the contest “The Best Presentation of National Cuisine”, honorary commemorative medals were awarded for the “Best National Cuisine” to the restaurant “Doina” SA and “The Most Skilled Confectioner” – “FainService” SRL.
Organizer: Department of Commerce

Winners of the competition: “Consum COOP”, restaurant “Sanatate” (SRL “Sel si Co”), “Torino Godzun” SRL, cafe “Detronix Clefmont”, “Panda” SRL, “Danisa Comert” SRL, CC “Icam Super” SA , restaurant “Bahus Dava”, “Iurs” SRL, SPB “Constructorul”, “Muncesti F.O.N.D.” SRL, L.H. Suceveanu II and Buse Axentiuc SRL.

Competition “The best souvenirs using symbols of the Holiday”
Organizers: Ministry of Culture and Creative Unions of Moldova

Laureates: Romeo Daria, Nikolai Teishanu, Vasily Balan, Konstantin Fresetska, Zakharia Triboi, Sergey Cojocaru, Valery Gutsu, Mikhail Gardey, Evgenia Moldovanu, Elena Ursaki.

The contest “The Best Young Wine”, organized by the Moldova-Vin Agro-Industrial Department, was held in the framework of public tastings. B