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Program of the “National Wine Day 2003”

The program of the Wine Festival “National Wine Day 2003” included whole range of entertaining events, which took place both all over the country and in Chisinau.

The Festival’s guests were:

  • Peoplec from Chisinau and Republic;
  • Corps Diplomatique and representatives of the International Organizations, accredited in Moldova;
  • Wholesalers of wine-making productions;
  • Tourists from different countries, visited the event by special developed Festival Tours in the framework of the program “Wine Way”.

All the Festival events were devoted to Wine and all related activity:

  • The Parade of wine-makers ;
  • The fair of wine products;
  • Public and Professional tasting sessions;
  • Competitions, lotteries, promotional programs;
  • Consulting by the specialists with reference to the wines and spirits;
  • Business meetings;
  • The performance of creative groups.

“National Wine Day 2003” was opened by the Parade of Moldavan wine-makers included bright theatrical procession on the streets of Chisinau. All the participants were gathered in the heart of Chisinau – in Piata Marii Adinari Nationale. There the traditional event was held: each company-participant put a basket of grapes into the wine press, that made symbolic Wine of Friendship. Then, the colourful procession went to IEC “Moldexpo”, the President of the Republic of Moldova Mr. Vladimir Voronin opened officially the Wine Festival “National Wine Day 2003“.

At the territory of IEC “Moldexpo” there took place the Fair. The participants of this Fair were:

  • Manufacturers and venders of the wine products;
  • Enterprises from public food sector (bars, restaurants, cafes);
  • Tourism and advertising agencies;
  • Folk craftsmen, painters, sculptors, artisans;
  • Amateur artistic groups, folklore artistic groups, professional artisits.

The aim of Public and Professional tasting sessions, hold in the framework of the “National Wine Day 2003”, were to stimulate public interests to quality drinks and to promote the culture of wine consumption.

During the official opening ceremony of “National Wine Day 2003” one of the wine-makers was awarded special Prize (Great Presidential Award).

The Program of “National Wine Day 2003” included the folowing Contests:

  • “Vita de Aur ‘2003” – Young Wine Contest;
     Union of Oenologists of RM, Agroindustrial Department “Moldova-Vin”
  • “Polobocul de Aur ‘2003” – Home-made Wine Contest
     Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RМ
  • “The Best Presentation at the Festival “National Wine Day 2003” – Competition;
    Organizer :
     I.E.C. “Moldexpo”
  • “The Best Presentation at the Parade of wine-makers” – Competition;
     Department of Tourism Development of RМ
  • “The Best Souvenir Products with Festival symbolics” – Competition;
     Ministry of Culture of RМ, Union of Folk Artisants of RМ.

The National Wine Festival “National Wine Day 2003” is a recognition of the great importance of Moldavan wine-making industry.