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Report from the “National Wine Day – 2005”

Two-day festivities, dedicated to the “National Wine Day–2005”, have been organized in Moldova, aiming to increase the image of Moldova as a country with century traditions in viticulture and winemaking, and also, as a significant exporter of wine products. Festival program, on Grand National Meeting Square, was opened by dancing and vocal folkloric groups, thus conferring to the holiday even a more national specific character.

One of the festival’s favorites became theatre procession, so called “Parade of winemakers”. Column of winegrowers and winemakers from different regions of Republic of Moldova, like Singerei, Ialoveni, Sculeni, Orhei and other, walked on the main street of Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare Avenue. Magnificent furniture of horses, Bessarabian gypsies, throning in carriages, floating ship filled with grapes and wine, gilded broughams and gold drums which solemnly beat off the steps of the column, retro automobiles, folk music and dances – this is how merged the talents of Moldovan artists and winemakers – participants in an absolutely young forth holiday of wine crop.

Even, more winemaking companies took part in this year event, more grapes and wine, more national craftsmen and more delicatessen sales points, favorite band “Zdob si Zdub”, best folkloric groups, and holiday fireworks which became the final chord. During the days of festival, Moldovan population and visitors of the capital had the opportunity to speak to winemakers and to taste national wines – an original message of those who worked at them, sent to us, those who will appreciate them.

Here are the comments of the participants on “National Wine Holiday–2005” organization:

Mr.Constantin Olaru, General Manager of “Vismos” SA:
– This year Wine Holiday was organized on central square of Chisinau – Grand National Meeting Square – and I think that this was the best choice; there is space and freedom for all types of events.
Autumn is a traditional festival season. The crop is almost collected – and it is time to present the best samples to the consumer.
We are sincerely glad about the holiday, and together with us are our Moscow founders and importers. Financial expenses weren’t of great significance for us.

Mr.Mihail Belioglo, Deputy General Manage of “Kazayak-Vin” SA:
– For the participation in this year Wine Holiday, “Kazayak-Vin” installed a new stand and this is why incurred big, in comparison with last year, expenses.
This year our company planted 200 hectares of new vineyards. At the same time, in many winegrowing households from the region, the harvest decreased till 50%, comparing to last year. Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, which correspond to established standards, are purchased at a price ranging from 4.50 up to 5.30 MDL.
At the same time, grapes sugar content, this year is much higher than in the past.

Mr.Victor Ciobanu, manager of Moldovan-American vineyard nursery “Sauron” SRL:
– We have prepared an original stand, in order to accustom experts and all interested persons with our best specimens of saplings. In fact without good saplings there cannot be good grapes, and without good grapes we cannot discuss about wine of quality.
This year, alongside with French, Italian and German selections saplings, we distributed in the north area of Moldova Californian vineyards and we hope that they will be successful.

Mr. Nicolae Taran, Deputy General Manger of the National Vineyard and Wine Institute:
– Organization of the “National Wine Holiday” on the territory of IEC “Moldexpo” had its own advantages, especially with respect to carrying out professional wine-testing – the conditions, there, are better.
I would like to mention the good quality of young wines, which took part in the “Gold Barrel” contest, but, at the same time, I expected more from the contest “Elite of Red Wines”. Too many companies are applying the technology of “accelerated aging” by using oak chips, while the wine needs to ripen for a long time in an oak barrel.

Visitors of Wine Holiday shared with us, as well, their impressions:

Mrs. Larisa Gelaga, singer, which, at present, lives in Belgium:
– I am delighted with my native city, Chisinau! Last time I visited Moldova 13 years ago; since that time the life has become considerably better, while Wine Festival is something really special for me. Since childhood my parents have accustomed me to the wine – naturally, in small dozes. Wine is different: it can be served during supper or dinner, for appetite excite or simply for a good mood. In Europe, there is, even, a fashion for wine. For example, this year, in England and Belgium, more and more, people are having pink wines. Out of Moldovan wines, I frequently buy Sauvignon Blanc 2002 produced by “Acorex Wine Holding”; and in general, most of all, I like white Moldovan wines. What matters indeed, is the quality.

Mr. Veceaslav Badashkov, co-founder of the “Ochakovo” Holding trade centers (Ekaterinburg – Tyumen) :
– It is difficult for me to express my opinion about vibes of the holiday. Associations with May parades from soviet times occur on my mind, but Moldova has all the chances to bring the holiday to the level of national tradition – it is necessary for people to believe in it. For this purpose there is wine and there is Law on National Wine Holiday.
Usually, I have French or Italian wines, but among Moldovan ones (I taste them as it may be necessary for my professional activity) there are, as well, some valuable specimens.
I am here not for the first time and I like to come here again and again.

We would like to mention, as well, the winners of the great number of contests, organized during “National Wine Holiday–2005”. This year, Moldovan-American Company Dionysos Mereni has received special honors, being awarded with the Grand-prix of the President Vladimir Voronin for special merits in the production of highest quality wines and best results in 2005.

Prior to the festival, Agro-industrial Department “Moldova-Vin” organized, for the first time “Elite of Red Wines” contest. Tasting commission of the contest, consisting of 7 experts, has tried 89 samples provided by 35 companies. The best red wines of Moldova have been awarded, in corresponding category, with gold, silver and bronze medals:

Best red vintage wine:
1. “Cabernet-Sauvignon”, 2000, produced by Dionysos-Mereni
2. “Tarakliiskoe”, 1994, Industrial wine complex from Taraclia
3. “Cabernet-Sauvignon”, 2002, produced by Lion-gri

Best ordinary red wine:
1. “Cabernet-Sauvignon”, 2003, produced by Acorex Wine Holding
2. “Cabernet”, 2004, Agricultural complex “Cimislia
3. “Cabernet”, 2003, from Alianta-Vin

Best collection red wine
1. “Codru”, 1987, Milestii Mici
2. “Cabernet”, 1988, Cricova” SA
3. “Negru de Purcari”, 1984, produced by Vinaria Purcari

Also, during Wine Holiday, there have been organized many traditional contests. For example, contest “Gold Barrel”, was initiated by the Chamber of Trade and Industry for the best home-made wine, were participated 576 specimens. Only 134 reached the finals. The winners were classified in 6 nominations and awarded with “gold” kegs. Besides, the jury decided to award a special prize “Gold flask” for the “Best sweet wine”.

Best young wine from industrial sorts of grapes:
white wine – “Chardonnay”, made by Constantin Furculitza from Orhei;
red wine – “Pinot Franc”, made by Ana Cikanci, Bucuria village, Cahul region.

Best young wine from mixed sorts of vines:
white wine – wine blend “Dragostea”, Anatola Gaguliski, from Falesti;
red wine – “Raindorf”, Gheorghe Ojoga, Corjova village, Criuleni region.

Best wine of the last years, stored for more than one year:
white wine – 10 years old summer blend “Bouquet”, Vasile Nogoia, Cajba village, Glodeni region;
red wine – wine blend “Moldova” 2003 , Alexandra Erhan, Porumbeni village, Criuleni region.

Gheorghe Condrea from Ialoveni was awarded with Gold flask for “Sweet Red”/”Rosu de Desert”.

The winner of the “Public tasting” contest, during which have been offered wines of current year vintage, became “Folicain” company from Tigheci (Leova region), which presented “Sauvignon”. It was awarded with 1st grade diploma. It is followed by “Chardonnay”, made by Agricultural complex “Cimislia (2nd grade diploma), and “Sauvignon” from Vinaria Bostavan (3rd grade diploma).

In the ceremonial procession of wine makers on the main street of the capital, which opened “National Wine Day-2005”, took part 31 companies. The awards for the “Best presentation during column procession” have been distributed as follows:

1st placeVinaria Purcari” SRL
2nd placeNational Vineyard and Wine College
3rd placeLion-Gri” SRL

On the Square of General National Meeting, were took place the main events of the Holiday, 46 winemaking companies installed their colorful stands, halls and tents – in high-tech style and traditional Moldovan style, under cane roofs and stork nests, with stone walls and wooden barrels, decorated with vines, ripe bunches and hundreds of wine bottles. For the “Best presentation of the demonstration area on the square” were awarded:

1st place. IS “National-Vin”
2nd placeAsconi” SRL
3rd place. “Carahasani-Vin” SA

Agro-industrial Agency “Moldova-Vin” has organized “Best winegrower and winemaker” contest. “Best winegrower” title was conferred to National Vineyard and Wine College“Best nursery keeper” – Salcuta” SRL“Best winemaker” – Boris Sashko – Director of the Cimislia winery. Sergei Boretz – Chairman of Acorex Wine Holding” SA was recognized as “The best in the promotion business of wine products”.

Ministry of trade and economy of Moldova, together with the municipality of the capital, conferred the title of “Best catering company” to Restaurant “Doina”; “Best presentation of national restaurant” title was awarded to Restaurant “Bahus Dava”; first in the category “Best dishes prepared on grill” became “Torino-Godzin”, while Restaurant “Fain-Service” was appreciated for the “Most appetizing traditional ‘placinta’ pies”. Tatiana Corun from “Muntenia” Restaurant was named the “Most skilled cook” and the “Most skilful candy-maker” – Zinaida Cotziuba, who is running individual enterprise with the same name.

In conclusion, we want kindly to thank all participants and organizers of the Festival, intended to expand our conception on wine and wine-tasting culture. But Festival – is first of all – a Holiday, and we should know how to celebrate it!