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12 world-famous journalists from 10 countries who write about wine on the pages of international publications

They traveled thousands of kilometers to discover the Wine of Moldova and make it famous all over the world! 12 world-famous journalists from 10 countries who write about wine on the pages of international publications have begun their enotouristic adventure in Moldova. For 3 days, opinion leaders in the field of winemaking from the United States of America, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, France and Belgium will visit the most beautiful vineyards and wineries in Moldova, taste the most representative wines for our country and find out how well they are associated with traditional Moldavian dishes, and all this in the framework of the first summit of the specialized press “Wine of Moldova”. The organizer of the event is the National Bureau of Grape and Wine, whose goal is to turn it into a traditional event.

Discovering the terroir of Wines of Moldova

The first day of the “Wine of Moldova” summit began with a presentation of the Moldovan wine industry – a mission undertaken by the Director of the NBVV. In his report, Georgy Arpentin described the terroir of the area, thanks to which our country produces high-quality wines that have won hundreds of medals at the most prestigious competitions, talked about the history of Moldovan winemaking, the structure of the industry and the achievements of recent years, the role of the NBVV in promoting Moldovan wines, about the main export markets for Moldovan wines, on the specifics of the PGI regions, etc.

This was followed by a round of questions and answers, during which foreign journalists asked what the logo of “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive ”, as well as how the latest technical grape varieties were created – the achievement of Moldovan scientists.

Georgy Arpentin, Director, National Bureau of Grape and Wine: “We decided to focus on journalists who write for international publications and who have the status of leaders of public opinion both at home and abroad. One of the priority tasks of the NBVV is the promotion of our wines, our country, as an endotouristic destination and, of course, we are trying to achieve this goal, including through interaction with journalists. I think that the summit participants came to our country with the desire to discover something new for themselves, and we really have something to impress: a colorful wine-making community, unique wines that do not require quality confirmation, both in terms of varieties, technology, and origin, and of course, the unknown, the mystery with which Moldova is associated. ”

Later, foreign journalists took part in a professional tasting (“silent tasting” – English) of the 50 most representative wines from 30 local producers from three wine regions with protected

geographical indication (PGI): “Codru”, “Valul lui Trayan”, “Stefan Voda”. Wines from local varieties, as well as from experimental sites where the best vineyard processing methods are tested, were presented in a separate area.

Discovering the enotouristic offer of Moldova

After the tasting, representatives of the specialized press set off on a journey to get acquainted with the Moldova tourism offer. The first stops were Cricova Underground City and Castel MIMI.

Today, guests from abroad will visit the wineries Purcari, Asconi, Mihai Sava and Vinuri de Comrat in Gagauzia, where they are expected to taste wine from the Stefan Voda PGI from several manufacturers.

In the next 2 days, foreign journalists will have guided tours of the wineries ATU, Chateau Cojușna, Chateau Vartely, Poiana, Mileștii Mici and the historical and archaeological complex Old Orhei.

The summit of the specialized press Wine of Moldova takes place before the National Wine Day – the most important holiday dedicated to the product of national pride, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. In addition to the task of promoting Moldova’s Wine abroad, the organizers of the press summit intend to establish long-term cooperation with top journalists who could provide recommendations on improving the image of Moldovan wines on international markets.

List of participants at the Wine of Moldova press summit:

1. USA:


Michaël FRANZ,,

2. England:

Christine AUSTIN, “The Yorkshire Post”, “International Wine Challenge”

3. Netherlands:

Ronald De GROOT, “Perswijn”,


4. Denmark:

André DEVALD, “DinVinGuide”, “Gastro”, “Vinbladet”

5. Germany:

André DOMINE, “Weinwirtschaft”, “Le Vin”, “Wine Encyclopedia”

6. Switzerland:


Twitter: @DerGastrotester

7. Austria:

Barbara HUTTER, „Salzburger Nachrichten”

8. Canada:

Margaret SWAINE,, Kawarthas Magazine

9. Belgium:

Marc VANHELLEMONT, „In Vino Veritas”,

10. France:

Aurélie soulat

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