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Wine Day in a modest way

This year, the National Wine Day, five years later, returned to the territory of “Moldexpo” in a narrower circle of participants – 42 companies (there were 54 in 2008) presented their products to consumers.

But a larger number of company stands would be difficult to place. But this year the “food” -zone has significantly expanded. For the first time, it has become convenient for visitors. Here, it was possible not only to have a snack, but also to drink the wine purchased from wine producers, sitting at a table, and not on the go, as was practiced in previous years. Quite a lot of space was occupied by craftsmen, who put out souvenirs on a wine theme. However, for the official opening is clearly not enough space. The venue near the stage, reserved for the presentation, was too small. Along the perimeter of the formed circle crowded spectators who were hampered by lawns. In general, few people were lucky to see the performance consisting of several theatrical scenes.

New officials traditionally went around the stands of winemakers. While businessmen who were taking VIPs were languishing while waiting for their turn, visitors were not allowed to stand, and it was impossible to disperse. Is that talk about the situation in the industry. The essence of many statements comes down to the following: hopes associated with changes in power were not justified. Mr. Filat promised at the first meeting of the government to remove barriers to the export of wine products. What specifically needs to be done for this, winemakers have suggested for a long time. As a result, manufacturers received only the cancellation of registration of export contracts for bulk deliveries, and waited, at a minimum, for the abolition of the mandatory use of the state brand in foreign markets. And hopes were laid on parliament about the suspension of the collection to the fund to support the laying of vineyards. These measures would immediately reduce the cost of Moldovan products and make them more competitive in export markets. In general, winemakers celebrated the holiday without joy.

October 10 summed up the weather. An inhospitable day scared many Chisinau residents. There was probably more foreign speech among the visitors at the stands. Here they are – real lovers of Moldovan wine, who came in small groups and families. With pleasure they sit down at tables on the stands, taste and buy wines, take many pictures, and seem to be pleased with the trip. According to some information, guests from 30 countries visited the festival. On Sunday, with the sun peeking out, the “Moldexpo” became noticeably more lively. By the middle of the day people poured the shaft. The consumer stream has not dried up even after the fireworks that had died down at 20.00.

I was pleased that, in addition to the promoted strong manufacturers, the little-known “Vindicum” found the strength to participate in the celebration. As the head of the bottling department Ivan Staveri said, the company has been operating since 1996, it has 500 hectares of vineyards in the central zone. Grape processing is carried out at rented facilities at wineries in Sadovo and Vornicheni, and bottling – at its own new Italian line in Straseni, its factory laboratory is accredited. The main markets – Belarus (in bulk) and Romania. They are awaiting the permission of Rospotrebnadzor to supply bottled wines to Russia. Relations with a long-time partner – “Sea-import” are preserved. Due to the lack of exports to the Russian Federation, where 70% of products were sent to the embargo, it is already clear today that the year will be completed with losses. For tasting at the festival “Vindicum” prepared in barrels young “Chardonnay” and seasoned “Cabernet Sauvignon”, 2007.

The company “Lion-gri” remained true to itself and renewed its booth, this time in a rustic style. Since the enterprise is a resident of the free economic zone, it does not have the right to sell alcoholic beverages on the domestic market. However, on the eve of the holiday, as in the past year, a letter came from the Ministry of Economics allowing to sell 2 thousand bottles during the wine festival. Tatiana Zheleznyak, marketing and sales manager, said that the company offered consumers a tool for tasting. Visitors to the stand had a unique opportunity to purchase wines that were bottled for sale in the domestic market in one batch together with an order to be sent to Germany – “Pink Flamingo”, “White Flamingo”, “Muscat”, “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Chardonnay”. So you can find out what kind of wine the Moldovan manufacturer sells in German stores. Prices are quite reasonable – from 20 to 35 lei per bottle. This is for “promotion” only, because Moldova has no sales, and the enterprise is not interested in their large volume at the holiday. The goal is to acquaint consumers with the quality of their wines. At previous holidays, “Lion-gri” offered wines of the “premium” class, but since 80% of applications for wines from the mass segment, the local residents decided to give them an opportunity to get to know them.

At the stands of many enterprises one could see wines at prices that were noticeably lower than in stores. However, not all manufacturers have offered special prices: the reason for this pleasant circumstance is in the absence of distributor margins

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