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Moldova celebrates Wine Day








Moldova celebrates Wine Day. The holiday has national status. Winemakers from all parts of the country gathered in the capital, and for the guests they hold master-classes on wine tasting and treat them with national Moldavian dishes. White and red, dry and semi-sweet. At a wine festival in the center of Chisinau, thousands of fans of this drink gathered. For the first time, a record number of winemakers from all over the country presented their products: 68 manufacturers brought their new blends and long-loved classic wines.

Among the first tasters were foreign ambassadors. They noted that the local drink could well compete with the European one, reports referring to “Wine from Moldova is already known to American citizens. For example, in Washington, where I lived before arriving in Chisinau, there are shops selling Moldovan wine, ”said US Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan. For experienced connoisseurs organized a special school of wine. Workshops are given by professional sommeliers. “One of the workshops is about the special relationship between wine and the barrel in which it is aged. The wines that are in contact with the oak tree from America or from France are different, ”said Andrian Digolyan, marketing expert at the national wine and winemaking office.

For tasting, they chose drinks from traditional local grape varieties – fetash nyagre, rare nyagre, fetyaske albe and fetyaske regale. You can taste wine from them only in Moldova. At the master class, sommeliers talk about the difference in taste between the same grape variety grown in different regions of the country. 75 milliliters of wine are poured into each glass for tasting. This amount is enough to feel the taste and aroma of the drink and not get drunk.

Manufacturers make good discounts for all guests. Wine can be purchased at 20-30 percent cheaper than in a store. “We recommend Moldovan wine. Tomorrow we will fly back to the United Kingdom and will definitely buy some bottles and bring home, ”said Dave Boots, a UK tourist. Traditional Moldavian wine was served with local national dishes. Kirnitsei and mitite from red meat – to red wines, and quail and grilled vegetables – to white.


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