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The arrangements of Dodon and Putin in action:


The arrangements of Dodon and Putin in action: Moldovan wine is plentiful on the shelves of a Russian supermarket
The network is gaining popularity with video counters from one of the hypermarkets of the city of Tula.
Store shelves are literally overflowing with Gagauz wine.

Video uploaded user Vyacheslav Koinak. The young man was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Gagauz wine products are widely represented in the Russian market, writes

Hypermarket “Globus” in Tula, Russian Federation. How nice to see! They sold more and grapes of the variety “Moldova”, these are the cases. It’s better to be friends and trade than to fight, ”wrote a contented user on social networks.

Based on the price tags set at this supermarket, a bottle of dry-Gogauz wine in Tula costs 349 Russian rubles.


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