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Wine of Moldova honorary guest of Arvinis 2018 international exhibition in Switzerland

Moldova participates firstly as honorary guest (Hôte d’honneur) of international exhibition: Arvinis 2018, which takes place in Montreux city in Switzerland. Moldova is represented by 14 wineries, reunified under brand name: Wine of Moldova, the MAEIE’s public diplomacy, strategic communication and media interaction service has reported.

During the official opening ceremony, delegated to World Trade Organisation (WTO) of Moldova, Corina Cojocaru, pointed out that “wine is one of the Republic of Moldova’s jewels, real ambassador of art and craftsmanship of vine and wine that going beyond any frontier, fully characterising maturity, values ​​and hospitality of a nation.”

The representatives of the Embassy of Moldova in Switzerland invited participants to exhibition to visit the national stand of Moldova, where are exhibited high quality wine products of producers in Moldova – “Gitana”, “Agrici.Wine”, “Maurt”, “Pelican negru”, “Timbrus”, “Cimislia Wineries”, “Bostavan”, “Purcari”, “Vinaria din Vale”, “Doina Vin”, “EtCetera”, “Fautor”, “Asconi” and “Cricova” in underground of prestigious caves in Moldova, but also discover sightseeings of Moldova.

The event guests and wine experts have opportunity to get acquainted with Moldova’s tourist routes, wine tourism, gastronomic, cultural tourism, presented both through promotional materials and virtual tours unusual with main tourist attractions of Moldova, presented by the Agency of Tourism (AT).

The Swiss World Wine Exhibition programme allows both professionals and consumers to participate in wine tastings and professional presentations, master classes attended by wine, oenology and tourism specialists. During the event, head of the National Vine and Wine Office, Gheorghe Arpentin, will moderate event “Elegant Wines of Moldova”, where guests will taste white and red wines made from two local sewers, Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Negra.

The wide – range event at the 23rd issue gathers over 200 wine producers worldwide who exhibited over 5,000 high – quality wines from 5 continents.

Editor M. Jantovan


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