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Moldova opens its borders for all those interested in wine tourism

Moldova opens its borders for all those interested in adventure tourism. Anyone is free to discover the scenic trails, with destinations of cultural, historical, gastronomic and, of course, wine.

The republic of Moldova will become, for the first time, the World Capital of Wine Tourism. For two days, over 200 visitors from 70 countries of the world will address topics in the field and will explore destinations with authentic taste, in the framework of the ”Conference on the Global Wine Tourism”, third edition.

The event is organized by the World Tourism Organization in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The conference will be held in the period 6-7 September and constitutes a reconfirmation of the fact that our country has become a world leader in the field of wine, along with countries such as Georgia, Argentina, Chile, with an enormous potential for wine tourism.

The event is an opportunity to continue the national campaign of promotion of the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination, entitled “Be Our Guest” (“Be Our Guest”), under the aegis of the tourism brand of the country “Tree of life”. The action aims to encourage the moldovan citizens, including those in the diaspora to become ambassadors for travel in the Republic of Moldova and to invite friends from abroad to visit her.


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