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Gheorghe Arpentin: National wine day should be organized by winemakers, not by the Ministry of Agriculture

The national wine day should be organized by wine-makers and their associations, and not by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, – said the chairman of the Union of Oenologists of the Republic of Moldova Gheorghe Arpentin.

In an interview with the correspondent of the INFOTAG agency, he said that it is the wine-makers who bear the main expenses for organizing the holiday, and the ministry and the government “attribute all the laurels to themselves.”

“The companies pay 10,000 lei for participation in the holiday, not counting the rent for space at Moldexpo, which is also pricked. There are quite a lot of expenses for the design and maintenance of stands. Arpentine

According to him, although the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the holiday will be held in a new concept, “nothing is new under the sun.”

“Only the date and venue changed, and the holiday was previously held several times at Moldexpo. But in general, everything remained just like under the communists – slender rows and greetings. It doesn’t matter whether foreign tourists will be at the holiday, or not we make them a holiday and promote wines. The ministry does nothing to make the work of industry workers easier, except for such celebrations, ”the specialist said, noting that the ministry should“ deal with the real problems of the industry, not parades. ”


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