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A famous French specialist in sustainable winemaking will contribute with his expertise to the elaboration of the “Vinul Moldovei 2030” Strategy

The strategy “Vinul Moldovei 2030”, care will outline the evolution of the wine sector for the next decade, which will also include the concept of sustainable development. To ensure strategic vision documents will be fully in line with global objectives (2030 Agenda for Increasing Sustainability), the National Office of Vine and Wine will collaborate with an international expert in the field of sustainable development, which will be part of the technical groups for strategy development. Joel Rochard, specialist of the National Institute of Vine and Wine in France, a guest in Chisinau, who does not share with the Moldovan winemakers, winemakers and scientists, celebrates the most important theses on viticulture and sustainable oenology, within the famous II editions at the National Conference “Grape Harvest – 2019: features and use”.

Global warming, depletion of natural resources, pollution of the environment are the greatest threats to care facing the present-day planet, and for a necessary solution and the need for a sustainable approach in all areas of humanity. Since 2004 the International Organization of Vine and Wine has been finalizing the concept of sustainable viticulture and winemaking: “A sustainable wine industry requires a global strategy to cultivate and process the territories, care for the incorporation of economic sustainability, reducing the risks for the environment, applying a system and to a consumers, but also who value a historical, cultural, ecological heritage. ”

Joel Rochard, engineer, oenologist, international expert on sustainable use, France: “When we talk about sustainability in viticulture and winemaking it does not refer to: conservation of the environment, reduction of water consumption, energy and efficient waste management. There is a talk of managing the counselor, in France, past the distillation of the Tescovina composting. In other words, we turn waste into fertilizer, then we take care of it and we also use it in viticulture. Replacing chemical fertilizers or organic celebrities with respect to sustainability concepts as well. ”

The French expert acknowledges: in order to implement a concept of sustainability on a large scale and necessary to support part of the area, but also of educational activities for all actors in the sector, it must be careful to invest to ensure its resilience. sustainable, it can reduce spending tomorrow and we will have to have opportunities.

In our future it is very distant, sustainability will also come back a requirement to distributors and importers, many of its famous quality of wine and wine. The expert argues that the chain of wine care manages to implement sustainable methods of wine production will be much more successful and recognizes domestic markets.

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