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The “Eu vin din Moldova” campaign represents the wineries of the country: Kara Gani

The city of Vulcanesti boasts a new unique tourist attraction. The Cherven family turned their yard into a small winery “Kara Gani”, where they invited local and foreign tourists to try quality wines and Gagauz hospitality on themselves.

They inherited a passion for wine production from grandparents, and gradually turned it into a family business. Now, “Kara Gani” is registered in the Grape and Wine Registry and is an active member of the Association of Small Producers of Moldova Wine. The winery uses modern German equipment – the Scharfenberger grape processing line, a refrigeration unit, stainless steel containers – all this allows the winery to produce up to 30 tons of high-quality wine per season.

On their own plantations, stretching over 10 hectares, the family grows European technical grape varieties, such as: chardonnay, sauvignon, aligote, nutmeg, cabernet and merlot, and recently 1.5 hectares of local varieties were planted – fetiascé nyagre.

The name of the winery from Gagauz translated as “genus Gani” – the genus from which the family is Cherven. In honor of the ancestors, a small museum was opened in Kara Gani, which contains things of historical and emotional value that once belonged to family members.

Tourists visiting these places are offered a tour of the surroundings, which includes a hike to the historical monument of the Battle of Kagul and Valul lui Traian, and after the visit to the plantations and the winery Kara Gani. Here guests are greeted with traditional Gagauz dishes: shurpa, cabbage and grape leaves, called dolma, kavarma, gozlemea, and also carry out a tasting of red wines “Kara Gani”, which have become a local legend.

VINMOLDOVA.MD // Press release of the National Bureau of Grapes and Wine

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