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The third Global Conference of Wine Tourism has been declared closed.

The third Global Conference on Tourism Wine, hosted by our country ended with a festive ceremony. Over the course of the moment solemn, the organizers of the Republic of Moldova, together with representatives of the countries which have hosted previous editions, Georgia and Argentina, have officially handed the baton to the representative of Chile, the country in which it is to be conducted the fourth Global Conference on Tourism Wine in the year 2019.

Moldova has handed over the baton to the following countries hosts – Chile.


Rodica Verbeniuc, director general, Agency for Investment: “I Am grateful and honored to have hosted the third edition of the Global Conference on Tourism Vitvinicol. For Moldova this was a historic event, as we are in a market with an emerging economy for us it is extremely important that you come from all parts of the world have accepted this adventure. I’m sure that many of you before they get here believed that Moldova was a country that didn’t have a firmly established place on the world map of wine tourism. And thanks to you, to all participants in this event, Moldova has a well-deserved place on the map of tourist destinations important. For us every visitor of the country is a guest of honour and it is extremely important what experiences you take home with you. Good luck!”

Cristóbal Forttes, the Secretariat of Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Tourism in Chile: “From now on, Chile has an enormous responsibility, being the next host of the Global Conference on Wine Tourism. It was a journey extremely beautiful, here in Moldova, and our responsibility is even greater after this trip. Thank you the Republic of Moldova because he was a welcoming host and has done extremely much heart and soul into everything he did.”

Jaime Cabal, deputy secretary general, World Tourism Organization: “thank all the participants and speakers at this event. Thank you the Republic of Moldova for the hospitality, for the exemplary organisation of the Conference, which will serve as an example for the next host country-Chile. Moldova has been extremely welcoming and I hope that next year, and Chile to be the same.”

Global conference on Tourism the Wine was hosted for the first time the Republic of Moldova, was organized by Investment Agency – central administrative authority subordinated to the Government of MOLDOVA, under the aegis of the World Tourism Organization, with the support of the National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV) and the Project of Competitiveness of Moldova, finanațat of USAID and the Government of Sweden.

About wine tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Last year, the Republic of Moldova has registered an increase by 50% the number of foreign tourists, compared to 2015. All in 2017, the rural pensions were recorded 3 times more visitors now than 2 years ago, the number of wineries that provide tourist services has doubled, and the number of visitors to tourist destinations in wine has increased by 20%. In just a few years, our country evolved from the title of the least visited european destination (2013, Lonely Planet) to extra in the most important top sites of tourist destinations, recommended travellers (2017, National Geographic, Huffington Post, Trips.Com).


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