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Opinion: Wine Day attracts fewer tourists due to changes in location and lack of entertainment

Wine Day attracts fewer tourists, both because of changes in the venue, and because of the lack of entertainment events, according to representatives of the hotel business. The authorities, in turn, argue that, above all, it is necessary to raise the cultural level of society. This was discussed during the transfer of Vox Publika.

Representatives of the hotel business explain the reduction in the number of tourists for several reasons. “The first is the location on Moldexpo where you need to be pretty nervous to get there. Secondly, the glory of past holidays. There is no more parade and celebration of winemakers. Previously, it was a show, a key moment for tourists,” the head of the association of hotels and restaurants Stanislav Russu.

“Of course, the idea was very good, for example, to spend this holiday on the Square of the Great National Assembly, no problems, but our society is not ready. Therefore, we are going in stages. What should we do? Educate the population, and I want to tell you that year we managed to achieve a completely different cultural level “, – said Minister of Agriculture Vasily Bumakov.

Economic experts point out that the Day of Wine may be an additional incentive for economic development.

“One of the drawbacks is that there is no pavilion at these holidays where you can make wholesale transactions. The holiday should be organized in such a way that it ends with a competition of contracts,” said economic expert Gheorghe Konstancaki.

According to the results of televoting, 64 percent of TV viewers believe that Moldova needs a holiday like Wine Day.


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