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Moldovan wines registered a new record of medals at the Asia Wine Trophy 2019.

Moldovan wines registered a new record of medals at the Asia Wine Trophy 2019. The “Traminer Late Harvest” wine of the Fautor winery in the Traian Valley region was awarded with the Great Gold Medal, 34 other wines were awarded gold, and 21 with silver medals. The competition was held on August 18-21, in Daejeon, South Korea.

The Asia Wine Trophy competition is the largest Asian wine competition held under the patronage of the International Wine and Wine Organization (OIV), with over 4000 samples from all over the world, and the quality assessment of the wines was carried out by experts from 26 countries. countries, including 6 tasters from the Republic of Moldova. According to the OIV regulation, only 30% of the samples entered in the contest can obtain medals.

Gheorghe ARPENTIN, director, National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV): “We are extremely pleased to promote the most competitive product in our country – Moldovan Wine – at this competition and to attest a new record of medals. We are seeing an opening of the Asian market for Moldovan wines and we are pleased to offer support in targeted and strategic promotion on high value markets. ”

The competition continued with a specialized exhibition “Daejeon Wine Festival” attended by 18 producers from the Republic of Moldova, gathered at the most impressive stand of the exhibition under the umbrella of the national wine brand “Wine of Moldova”. The exhibition is in its 7th edition and offers a platform for new business contacts and expansion of wine culture among consumers. During the exhibition, the participating wineries were supported by His Excellency, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in South Korea with a residence in Tokyo, Vasile Bumacov dom.

S.E. Vasile BUMACOV, Ambassador: “The remarkable results of Moldovan wines are due to the active and responsible participation of the producers in our country at such major events in Asia. The Embassy supports the promotion of Moldovan products on the South Korean market for boosting Moldovan wine exports and was with producers at the inauguration of the national stand. We welcome the plenary involvement of the exhibition organizers and members of the Moldovan community established in the Republic of Korea ”.

A specialized conference dedicated to wines and business in the field included over twenty seminars and master classes for representatives of commercial networks, importers, journalists and sommeliers. The specialized seminar on “The elegance of Moldovan wines” was moderated in a room filled with the marketing expert of the National Office of Vine and Wine – Viorel Garaz together with the Deputy Director of the Competitiveness Project of Moldova – Diana Lazăr. South Korean journalists called Moldova “a small giant of the wine world”.

Diana LAZĂR, vice director, Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden: “The results of the Moldovan Wine are especially exciting because they are an impact of the quality and promotion programs implemented with the support of the Moldovan Competitiveness Project in recent years. , in collaboration with ONVV and demonstrates that our wines can be competitive in high value-added markets, such as Asian markets, especially South Korean and Japanese markets. That is why at the National Wine Day I invited a delegation of 8 South Korean journalists and importers to Moldova to start a set of marketing and promotion actions on this market ”.

Ion LUCA, winemaker Carpe Diem, member of the jury of the Asia Wine Trophy and participant in the Daejeon Wine Festival: “The Korean consumer appreciates our wines. Such promotional events are extremely important for Moldovan wineries, which can capitalize on the most qualitative products on the Asian continent. My wines are already successful in sales, which gives greater certainty to the business in this area. ”

The wine industry represents 5% of total exports, playing an important role in Moldova’s economy and serving as a source of income for more than 200,000 people. In recent years, Moldova has started to export its products to quality markets in the EU and Asia, winning over 1000 medals at international competitions.

About the National Office of Vine and Wine

ONVV is the No.1 expert in the wine sector, which contributes to the regulation and development of the field, serving as a platform for the common action of all those involved in increasing the competitiveness of wine products, enhancing authenticity and consumer orientation. Among its basic objectives are the diversification of sales markets and the promotion of Moldovan wines through the national program and the national wine brand „Moldul Wine. A living legend. “

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