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Moldova is forced to make wine from grapes that are not bought in the EU

Moldova was forced to process at least 40% of last year’s grape harvest of table varieties into wine. This is the highest percentage of forced processing of table grapes in Moldova in this decade.

This site reports EastFruit, citing data from the national food safety agency ANSA.

Wineries offer low prices for such raw materials in April, which does not cover the costs of winegrowers at all.

The situation is similar with apples. Moldavian canneries processed 350 thousand tons out of 600 thousand tons of last year’s crop. At least three Moldavian canneries periodically resumed work on stocks of apples from refrigerators.

The high level of processing of fresh berries and fruits is due to the fact that the EU has set too low export quotas for the country. The Moldovan government has applied to the European Commission with a request to increase tariff quotas, but the decision was not made on time.

At the same time, Moldovan shipments to Russia also fell by 27%. The share of Moldovan table grapes on the Russian market decreased from 11% in 2017 to just over 9% in 2018.

“One of the main reasons for the decline in the supply of grapes from Moldova to Russia was the growing competition in this market from suppliers from Uzbekistan and India. Uzbekistan generally bypassed Moldova in the ranking of suppliers of table grapes, displacing it from the top three. Supplies of table grapes from Uzbekistan to Russia in 2018 increased by 29%, and supplies from India – by 15%. Thus, India became the second largest supplier of table grapes to Russia after Turkey. ”


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