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Moldovan wines awarded with gold in 2018

The National Viticulture and Wine Bureau will launch the first catalog dedicated to the awarding of Moldovan wines awarded with gold in 2018 – “Golden Wines of the Republic of Moldova”. This initiative is the result of an impressive amount of gold medals – 190 – received by Moldovan winemakers in 28 international competitions, as well as 300 other silver and bronze medals, as well as awards. The catalog will be launched on April 18 at the XVI Issue of wine discoveries, and visitors who want to know the list of 108 wines that glorified our country outside their countries will be able to open them by reading this material.

George Arpentin, Director, National Bureau of Vine and Wine: “Last year, the record for Moldovan wine was completed with about 500 medals and awards received in competitions around the world – a record for the product of national pride. We conceived this catalog as confirmation of the efforts undertaken by key players in the sector, culminating in the wines of a new generation, the quality of which we increasingly value in foreign markets, proof of which is the number of awards that grow year after year. We are sure that domestic wines will continue to be imposed on foreign markets, and the Wine of Moldova brand will remain the most representative ambassador of our country beyond its borders. ”

The participation of wineries in competitions and exhibitions was supported by the National Bureau of Viticulture and Wine Production and the strategic development partner of the Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

The 40 winemaking companies in the country that sent their wines and sparkling wins received maximum marks from the quality of the products of the foreign jury. As a result, the wine brand “Moldova Wine” completed its record with 488 medals

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